Friday, March 14, 2008

The Engli$h @lph@bet

"When I am older, losing my hair, many years from now...." - The Beatles

... I wonder how many letters the English alphabet will have.

In addition to the regular 26, here are the few I can think of:

@ for @pple: Hopefully, the fruit shall remain the same.

$ for $edative: With the dollar falling the way it is, the symbol is unlikely to be otherwise recognizable.

4 for 4gone: As in it is a 4gone conclusion that grammar may not survive this Renaissance.

2 for 2morrow: As in the black and white blockbuster, "2morrow Never Dyes"

8 : As in procre8, an activity made popular first by a couple named Adam and Eve, and taken to new levels by the citizens of India and China.


As we welcome the new, we shouldn't forget those who's day is past:

s - "Having lo$t itz pozition az the letter denoting pluralz, the uze of thi$ redundant letter iz now limited only to hi$torians. $ome call it the end of an era, but it ha$ been more of a gradual fading away into oblivion"

- The New York Timez (March 18th, 2018)


Maithreyi said...

And he's back!

And I'm first!!

Welcome back, AB. Good post for a comeback, I say!

Amateur Blogger said...

Thank you, thank you! :)

It ain't a comeback if it ain't good, I say!

KHUSHI - "Scintillant" said...

nice post. and some more

8 as in W8 - thats all a desi does (USCIS)

9 as in B9 effect , so hard to detect

tangled said...


I'm sorry; I couldn't resist.

Amateur Blogger said...

Fair enuff! :)

invisable66mcr said...

I find it sad...but nice post :)
It also seems smiles have taken over for emotions...
:)= good, or 'i'm happy'

Maddy said...

Its almost as annoying to me as people making typos! I hope the day never comes when we can officially use such language.