Monday, April 16, 2007

Limerick - Tag

Tipsy Toes has tagged me to write a limerick, and she's been after me to complete the assigned task. Those who know her would be familiar with her ability to persuade people, especially when the rest of her is tipsy as well.

So here goes, my attempt at a limerick. Not thrilled with my effort, but then I've always been more of a prosaic person. (Isn't Prosaic also a brand of sedative?)


There once was a man in Hydie,

Who thought it was a little too sidey,

So he packed up his bag,

Overcame the jet lag,

And swung across the globe like Spidey!


Tipsy Toes said...



Amateur Blogger said...

Are you yawning cos of the Prozac or the limerick?

Tipsy Toes said...

You do realise you're supposed to tag other people?!

mags said...

Homer, went the foodie,
there he found no puddie,
so he wound up his bags,
overcame the hunger pangs
and jumped on the beach like a hoodie!